PDF-bok  Indienresa 2011 "Chakra"
PDF-book A Trip to India 2011 "Chakra"

En reseskildring med mycket filosofi och tankar om livet, min uppväxtmiljö, resa till Lahul och Spiti i Himalaya, buddismen och klostren. Med akvareller och teckningar gjorda under resan.
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Chakra is a confrontation with my inner self and the external environment during a trip to India in 2011. It´s philosophy and observations depicting the perpetual circle walk on earth and trough our inner spaces inside our self. It´s thoughts about life, my childhood environment, about a travel to Lahul and Spiti in Himalayas, about Buddhism and monasteries. You can download a PDF-book with a lot of drawings and watercolours
I would like to thank Evert Wängberg for help with the translation and all difficult philosophical expressions and concepts. All possible errors are completely on my behalf.
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